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There are 3 main components involved when budgeting for your campaign. You can click on each of the following to find out more:

The R U Different? License

The R U Different? programme generally runs from the start of the Academic Year in September and concludes at the end of June / early July.

The annual academic license includes the following:

  • R U Different? Planning Sessions including group school session (ideally held in summer before new term)
  • Survey Creation and Log In Distribution
  • Baseline Survey
  • Individual school reports vs Authority Average comparison (where possible)
  • Discussion of results (various options available)
  • Support with key objectives and message formulation
  • Interventions planning (if appropriate)
  • 2nd survey (normally an exact repeat of the baseline survey)
  • Final report, including analysis and evaluation

The license is £995 per academic year for 1 year group (e.g. Year 9)

Each subsequent year group is £350 per school, so a Year 8, 9 and 10 core programme costs £1695.

A minimum of 2 years is recommended to monitor trends/impact of Interventions.

The Interventions

This is the school and Local Authority’s opportunity to promote the positive behaviours and dispel myths that may have also become apparent from the data. Choosing the right message, approach and media is very important in creating the impact required to engage young people.

The evidence shows that the more times young people interact with the message, the greater the impact in terms of attitude, perception and future behaviour.

All our Interventions are offered on a fixed price basis and budgets per school generally range from £2000 to £6000 depending on the numbers of activities requested.

For a more detailed look at the Interventions on offer please visit our Interventions Showcase.

Other Costs

Most of the elements covered within the Interventions guide focus on activities in and around the school, however projects often extend beyond the school gates. Perhaps you are interested in changing community perceptions by doing some PR or using billboards? Maybe you want to do something bespoke which is more suited to your school or community?

To discuss your requirements in more detail, or to request a quotation, please contact us.