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"Alcohol education should be an integral part of the science and the (PSHE) curricula, in particular, opportunities should be provided to explore attitudes to, and perceptions of, alcohol use."

NICE Guidelines, School Based Interventions on alcohol

The PHE Marketing Strategy 2014-2017 cited examples of how delivering National campaigns locally and in partnership with young people achieves significantly higher results than simply broadcasting messages.

The R U Different? programme offers you the ideal vehicle to monitor current attitudes, perceptions and behaviours and deploy a structured Intervention programme to achieve positive, measurable and sustainable change.

Embracing the latest technology with young people at the helm, here are some of the key benefits for the Local Authority / Council.

  • Excellent opportunity to accurately map attitudes, perceptions and behaviours in key areas
  • Comparisons achievable by school and across other parts of the UK
  • Commissioning based on real need, not pre-conceived views or anecdotal evidence
  • Cost effective library of Interventions to achieve fast and measurable engagement with young people, parents and wider communities, therefore significant cost savings
  • Opportunity to accurately evaluate other partner or council run Interventions.
  • Evidence base showing prevention, delay or reduction in risk behaviours, offering significant returns on Investment

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