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Parent App' and Newsletters

This mobile app' quiz invites parents/carers to challenge their own previously held misperceptions. This can also be used by students to feedback results from their own year's survey. There is an option at the end of the quiz to submit their contact information if they have any concerns regarding any of the issues raised.

Accessed as a mobile App' via a web link, the quiz invites the user to guess at the percentage number of young people in the school year who are participating in areas such as smoking, alcohol, drugs or sexual activity.

In X Factor style, if they choose the correct answer, they receive a 'You absolutely nailed it!' message confirming the positive majority statistic. If they choose incorrectly, the correct answer will appear to help address their misperceptions.

This activity can be done outside the school grounds in a social or community environment. From this perspective, this Intervention can be used without disruption at home. The Parent Feedback App' also gives parents the opportunity to discuss results with young people, and feeds back to parents some positive messages from the school.

Parent App' and Newsletters