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Enterprise Days

How it works

There are a few ways to carry out the Enterprise Session in your school:

Option 1 - this works well straight after the Interactive Feedback Assembly. Between 30 – 50 students are selected for a short session (usually between 30-60 mins). They are split into small groups and discuss the key messages from the survey results. We discuss ways in which to promote these messages, types of media channel etc and the target audience. Students then come up with their own campaign to promote one of these key messages. The ideas are then presented by each group at the end of the session.

Option 2 – alternatively the Enterprise Session can be done rotationally with the whole group as part of a full day. This is an ideal ‘Citizenship dropdown day’ option, since we can rotate groups throughout the day alongside your other activities.

The more creative the ideas the better! We have had social media competitions, wristband campaigns and even reverse graffiti displayed around school grounds. The best ideas will then be developed professionally and delivered as the core part of your school’s Interventions.

Why do it?

Involving students in the creation of their own social marketing campaigns makes the message all the more believable. Their ownership of the social norms message can be really powerful and when they see their ideas come to life displayed around the school, it can make a huge impact.

These sessions also offer the opportunity to not only discuss these topics and the reasons why misperceptions exist, but they also allow students to think in more detail about marketing campaigns themselves. Students will have the chance to discuss target audiences, media choices and budgeting.

Who is doing it?

This was launched in 2014 and schools across Salford, Swindon, Dudley and Buckinghamshire have all taken part in this activity. Most schools did one short session with around 35 students following the interactive feedback session. A couple of schools used this enterprise session as part of a PSHE day alongside other activities such as a drama workshop.

In 2014 we shortlisted 8 nominees for our National Social Norms Enterprise Award. Keep an eye on our homepage for more information on Enterprise Day Competitions coming up in the future.

What have been the outcomes?

The schools that took part in Enterprise Sessions generally recorded a greater shift in perceptions towards the record behaviours. Involving students in the campaigns really allows them to take ownership of the message and can make a huge impact.

Schools who have backed the sessions up with posters, digital signage or other related classroom activities which report the correct statistics have also generally achieved higher recall rates - and therefore greater and more positive perception shifts – following the repeat survey.

Enterprise Days