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About the survey

The R U Different? survey covers all the main risk taking behaviours and many of the topics that have emerged as higher priorities, including Self Harm, Internet Safety, Pornography Healthy Eating and E-Cigarettes.

You are in control on which questions you’d like to include according to your priorities and in some cases, it might be possible to add bespoke questions where specific needs are not covered.

A key element of our programme is the speed of the survey and reporting. This enables us to support you with a rapid and robust response to address the gaps uncovered.

Social Norms Questions

The Social Norms questions allow young people to measure their own behaviours against the perceived behaviours of their peers.

Most of our Interventions are based on the fact that most young people significantly overestimate the participation of others in risk behaviours, placing themselves in the minority when in fact they are in the majority if they are making positive health and behaviour choices.

The reports from the survey allow us to create and deliver Interventions quickly, and of direct relevance to the immediate peer group.

PSHE and Public Health Planning Questions

Many questions in the survey exist to provide schools and local authorities with a baseline from which to plan their own strategies. We can support you by providing regional and national average comparisons and ideas/campaigns for improving outcomes in focussed areas.

Repeating the survey

Where Interventions have taken place, it is always our recommendation to repeat the survey to record the ‘distance travelled’ among young people.

The evidence* shows that the presence and quantity of Interventions directly correlates with the level of attitude, perception and behaviour change of those taking part.

For more about the evidence, download our user guide here.

(*University of Salford Social Norms study 2011-2012)