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The R U Different? License

The R U Different? programme generally runs from the start of the Academic Year in September and concludes at the end of June / early July.

The annual academic license includes the following:

  • R U Different? Planning Sessions including group school session (ideally held in summer before new term)
  • Survey Creation and Log In Distribution
  • Baseline Survey
  • Individual school reports vs Authority Average comparison
  • Discuss of results
  • Support with key objectives and message formulation
  • Interventions planning (if appropriate)
  • 2nd survey
  • Final report including analysis and evaluation

The license is £995 per academic year for 1 year group (e.g. Year 9)

Each subsequent year group is £350 per school, so a Year 8, 9 and 10 core programme costs £1695.

A minimum of 2 years is recommended to monitor trends/impact of Interventions.